Kraft Bubble Envelope 7*10 inches

Kraft Bubble Envelope 7*10 inches

Kraft Bubble Envelope 7*10 inches

Kraft Bubble Envelope 7*10 inches
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Product code : NPR-KS1703812
Kraft Paper Bubble Mailer 7"*10"+1.8"
Price 5.00 ฿ 3.80 ฿
Stock : 5,100
Minimum order : 300

Easy open bubble mailers, these bubble lined mailers with tear strip allows the mailer to be opened more easily by the recipient. The padded envelopes is lightweight and the shipping is much cheaper than the slightly larger packages. Self-adhesive seal, the top of the bubble mailers have a self-adhesive seal that makes the envelopes very easy to seal. This strong seal ensure the integrity of your package and tamper evident.

Features :

- Postage saving due to light weight

- High-slip bubble cushioning material allows faster, easier product insert

- Wide welding edges (10mm each side) offers additional strength and safety

- Pressure sensitive adhesive on the flap is quick and easy to close, self-seal and tamper evident

- Kraft exterieor presents an excellent surface for custom printing and pen writing

Size : 7"*10"+1.8

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Product Name : Kraft bubble mailer

Material : paper, 100% origin kraft paper lined with air cellular bubble, PE bubble

Usage : mail, post, express packaging

Paper Type : kraft paper

Place of origin : Shenzhen, China

Feature : water-proof, tough bag, light weight, custom-made, eco-friendly, shock resistance

Sealing : self adhesive seal

Size : 7"*10"+1.8"

Closure : peel and seal

Color : yellow, white etc.

Delivery Time : 3-5 days